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    Xiangyu textile is specializing in the production, processing and sales of fashion fabric, home textile fabrics.

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    We have professional production equipment and workshops, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.

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    Our products are mainly exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, South America and other regions.

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With the theme of developing fashionable fabrics, focusing on various series of home textile fabrics, and extend to the fashion home textiles and industrial textiles.


Pure Color Printing & Dyeing Fabric

Pure color cloth refers to a color cloth that is completely printed and dyed or dyed; process category: 1. Printing and dyeing; 2. Dyeing and weaving.

  • Chemical Resistance;
  • No peculiar smell;
  • No deformed, no fade;
  • Strong Resilience.

Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker is the quintessential warm-weather fabric known for its crinkled texture and breezy quality.

  • Air Circulation;
  • Skin-Friendly;
  • Breezy Quality;
  • Strong Resilience.

Embossing And Foaming Fabric

Rubber foam can be embossed to enhance the surface strength and the performance of anti-slip.

  • Cell embossed;
  • Skin embossed;
  • Fabric Embossed;
  • Strong Resilience.
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Adhere to the corporate tenet of "customer first, service-oriented".

Home Textile Fabrics, Bedding Fabric Processing & Manufacturing

Changxing Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhou City, It is a manufacturing enterprise. With the theme of developing fashionable fabrics, focusing on various series of home textile fabrics such as polyester fabrics, cotton fabrics, and blended fabrics, and strive to extend to the two terminal products of fashion home textiles and industrial textiles.

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Latest Events

Adhere to the corporate tenet of "customer first, service-oriented".

Jan.14 2022

Washing Requirements For Printed Seersucker

The Printed Seersucker is a thin fabric woven with a plain weave with bump-like bubbles on the fabric surface. The seersucker has a unique appearance,...

Jan.07 2022

Application Range Of Pressure Bubble Fabric

  Pressure Bubble Fabric is a polyester fabric, more popularly speaking, bubble cotton is actually a fabric with chemical fiber as the main component....

Dec.30 2021

Dyeing Fabric Company Introduces The Basic Knowledge Of Fabric Count

Dyeing Fabric Company introduced that the count is the standard of yarn thickness. For example, one or two kinds of cotton can be made into 30 yarns o...

Dec.24 2021

Printing Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Maintenance Knowledge Of Cotton

Cotton fiber is a seed fiber formed by the elongation and thickening of the epidermal cells of the fertilized ovule, which is different from ordinary ...

Dec.17 2021

Printing Fabric Manufacturers Introduces How To Avoid The Problem Of Running Cotton

There are many places where embossed fabrics are used in various clothing. Embossed fabrics are also used in some cotton clothes. Some people think th...

Dec.10 2021

How Printed Seersucker Works

Printed Seersucker is a fabric with special appearance and style characteristics among cotton fabrics, which is processed by light and thin muslin. Th...

Dec.03 2021

Dyeing Fabric Company Introduced Color Selection Requirements For Curtain Fabric

Dyeing Fabric Company Introduced Color selection requirements for Curtain Fabric: 1. PinkIf you install curtains in the living room, choosing pink wil...

Nov.26 2021

Home Textile Fabrics Manufacturers Introduces The Precautions For Cleaning Home Textile Fabrics

Home Textile Fabrics Manufacturers introduces the precautions for cleaning home textile fabrics: 1. The light and dark bed sheets should be washed sep...

Nov.18 2021

Washed-Silk Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Advantages Of Polyester Fabrics

Polyester, an important variety in synthetic fibers, is the trade name of polyester fiber. A fiber-forming polymer prepared from refined terephthalic ...

Nov.12 2021

Washed Silk Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Selection Skills Of Home Textile Products

Washed-Silk Fabric Suppliers introduces the selection skills of home textile products: 1. To consider comfort, whether the bedding is comfortable, the...

Nov.05 2021

Purchasing Requirements For Washed Silk Fabric

Washed silk, literally understood as an artificial silk product that has been washed, the fabric feels much softer after washing. The four-piece set m...

Oct.25 2021

3d Embossed Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Difference Between Jacquard And Embossing

3D Embossed Fabric Manufacturers introduces the difference between jacquard and embossing: 1. Different production methods①Jacquard: the warp yarn or...

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