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    Xiangyu textile is specializing in the production, processing and sales of fashion fabric, home textile fabrics.

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    We have professional production equipment and workshops, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.

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    Our products are mainly exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, South America and other regions.

Our Collections

With the theme of developing fashionable fabrics, focusing on various series of home textile fabrics, and extend to the fashion home textiles and industrial textiles.

Pure Color Printing & Dyeing Fabric

Pure Color Printing & Dyeing Fabric

Pure color cloth refers to a color cloth that is completely printed and dyed or dyed; process category: 1. Printing and dyeing; 2. Dyeing and weaving.

  • Chemical Resistance;
  • No peculiar smell;
  • No deformed, no fade;
  • Strong Resilience.
Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker is the quintessential warm-weather fabric known for its crinkled texture and breezy quality.

  • Air Circulation;
  • Skin-Friendly;
  • Breezy Quality;
  • Strong Resilience.
Embossing And Foaming Fabric

Embossing And Foaming Fabric

Rubber foam can be embossed to enhance the surface strength and the performance of anti-slip.

  • Cell embossed;
  • Skin embossed;
  • Fabric Embossed;
  • Strong Resilience.
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Adhere to the corporate tenet of "customer first, service-oriented".

Home Textile Fabrics, Bedding Fabric Processing & Manufacturing

Changxing Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhou City, It is a manufacturing enterprise. With the theme of developing fashionable fabrics, focusing on various series of home textile fabrics such as polyester fabrics, cotton fabrics, and blended fabrics, and strive to extend to the two terminal products of fashion home textiles and industrial textiles.

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Latest Events

Adhere to the corporate tenet of "customer first, service-oriented".

Jun.01 2023

About Washed Silk Fabric

Washed Silk Fabric is a soft, crinkled material that feels like suede. It’s a staple for blouses and sleepwear, and it drapes beautifully. Before wash...

May.23 2023

How Seersucker Fabric Is Woven

A summer wardrobe staple, seersucker is a lightweight cotton fabric featuring crinkled stripes that’s best worn during warm weather. The striped patte...

May.18 2023

Washed Cotton Fabric Is Naturally Soft Breathable and Absorbent

Cotton fabric is naturally soft, breathable and absorbent. This quality makes it a great choice for bedding items like duvet covers. It is also hypoa...

May.11 2023

Different Types of Bedding Fabric

Choosing the best bedding fabric can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel as you slumber. Different sheets fabrics offer unique benefits,...

May.05 2023

What is the process of fabric embossing

1. High frequency processing2. The high-frequency electromagnetic field is generated by the electronic tube self-excited oscillator. The processed obj...

Apr.23 2023

The workflow of textile embossing

1. The clothing linear vibration friction embossing machine utilizes the frictional heat energy generated on the contact surface of two workpieces to ...

Apr.21 2023

Textile embossing mainly involves those

The main embossing products of embossing machines include clothing embossing, shoe and hat embossing, T-shirt embossing, luggage embossing, carpet emb...

Apr.14 2023

Advantages of Digital Printing Fabric

Digital printing fabric is an environmentally-friendly method of producing fabrics, which uses less water and energy than standard printing. It also r...

Apr.07 2023

The technical characteristics of 3D embossing on textured textiles

The equipment for embossing 3D concave convex textiles usually includes an upper embossing roller and a lower embossing roller. The upper embossing ro...

Mar.31 2023

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing is a highly effective printing process that can be used for many different products and applications. It is a good option for people ...

Mar.23 2023

There are also secrets between printing and dyeing

Printing process is the process of applying patterns to textile fabrics with dyes or pigments. Printing can be divided into fabric printing, wool top ...

Mar.17 2023

What are knitted cotton and washed cotton

Knitted cotton is a special type of cotton fabric woven using a knitting machine. It is a cloth woven using a circular machine. By weaving ordinary co...

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