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Seersucker Fabric Supplier Introduces The Use Requirements Of Seersucker

Update:06 Aug

Seersucker Fabric Supplier introduces the use requirements of seersucker:

1.Seersucker is a cotton fabric with special appearance and style characteristics, which is processed by light and thin muslin. The cloth surface presents small bubbles with uniform and dense unevenness. It is not close to the body when wearing it, and it has a cool feeling. It is suitable for all kinds of women's summer clothes.

2. Seersucker fabric has a long history. It was used to make clothes for laborers and servants during the first British colony in India. Therefore, it was not as widely used as wool at the beginning. Later, it was introduced to the United States due to colonial trade, and it still maintained the right at the beginning. Its "low-level" cognition is used to make work clothes for railroad workers and oil workers. It was not until later that a fabric dealer discovered its unique characteristics that he began to talk about its use in the field of formal wear to help gentlemen through the hot summer. Until now, seersucker is still the most popular suit fabric in summer.

3. The raw material for weaving seersucker is pure cotton or polyester/cotton yarn, and the density of the foam warp is greater than that of the ground warp, or the foam warp uses strand yarn and the ground warp uses single yarn. When weaving, the let-off volume of the bubble wrap is greater than that of the ground warp, and then the cell warp is dyed and processed loosely to form beautiful, uneven bubbles. The woven seersucker has better bubble fastness. Alkaline seersucker is based on the principle that cotton fiber encounters concentrated lye to increase its diameter and shorten its length.

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