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Printed Seersucker Supplier Introduces The Cleaning Method Of Seersucker Fabric Clothes

Update:19 Aug

Seersucker refers to a type of cloth with small bumps on the cloth surface. This type of cloth is generally made of cotton as the base material and processed through a series of processes (the cloth puffs and shrinks when it meets alkali). It can be used For the production of pajamas, bedspreads, and other products, seersucker has many characteristics and advantages. In order to let everyone have a clearer understanding of seersucker, the editor of No. 3 Fabric Pavilion will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of seersucker to popularize this fabric. Next, Printed Seersucker Supplier introduces the cleaning method of seersucker fabric clothes:


1. It is best to use warm water and avoid alkaline water to avoid shrinkage of seersucker.


2. Do not wash with a washboard, and do not twist with your hands after washing. The clothes should be laid flat and the moisture should be pressed out to prevent the seersucker from stretching.


3. Put the wet clothes out when they are 80 to 90% dry, then fold the clothes and flatten them, but don't iron them with an iron. In this way, the bubbles of seersucker can be kept unchanged for a long time.

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