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Custom Embossed Fabric Manufacturers Introduces Leather Embossing Processing Techniques

Update:12 Aug

Leather embossing processing is a relatively common processing method in the embossing process. Compared with other embossing processes, leather embossing processing mainly needs to pay attention to the difference in the material of the leather and the fabric. Compared with fabrics, leather has different types and properties, so in order to ensure the effect of embossing, attention needs to be paid to many aspects of the entire process. Below, Custom Embossed Fabric Manufacturers introduce leather embossing processing techniques.

  1. Make sure that the leather embossing time is sufficient. Ideally, it should be left undisturbed for at least seven hours. After that, slowly and carefully remove the plastic foam and template. The outline of the template should be clearly pressed on the back of the leather. If it is not clear, you can use a rubber mallet to achieve better results.

2. When embossing the leather, it is very important to keep the leather moist. One of the easy ways to do this is to put a few clean rags in a container filled with warm water. Let the fabrics soak for a while, wring them out of the bowl and wring out the excess water. Carefully spread your wet clothes on the leather. Once you are ready to emboss the leather, remove the fabric.

3. When embossing leather, it is also important to set your embossing template. This is the key to the success of embossing. Start by placing your embossing board on a solid piece of wood and fixing it. After the template is fixed, align the front of the leather and place it on the wooden board. Put a piece of foam on the leather after the leather has passed. Use your hands to flatten or spread the heavy books evenly.

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