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3d Embossed Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Various Embossed Materials

Update:12 Aug

Embossing processing is a distinctive processing method in fabric processing. We can find this processing technology in various fabric products such as clothing, bags, curtains, and blankets. Compared with other fabric processes, the patterns generated by embossing are more three-dimensional and durable and are applicable to a wide range of fabrics. Below, 3d Embossed Fabric Manufacturers introduce the characteristics of various embossed materials.

1. Leather embossing materials: artificial leather embossing, PU leather embossing, genuine leather embossing, mirror leather embossing, first layer leather embossing, two-layer leather embossing.

2. Apparel fabric embossing materials: polyester embossing, hydrogen fiber embossing, cotton embossing, flocking embossing, sweater embossing, denim embossing.

3. Plastic embossing materials: PVC plastic embossing, EVA plastic embossing, PU embossing, TPU embossing, PE embossing, PET embossing, PETG embossing, AGA embossing, APET embossing.

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